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The Rx Scholarship Program

Monster RX93.1's Search For The Monster Scholar is a continuing public service program that has been conducted over eight School Years already.

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These scholars, now totaling over 80, were able to continue their education through the sponsorship of Monster RX93.1 and generous listeners who freely donated money (without any solicitation effort from the station) to make sure more Monster Scholar nominees would be able to enroll in the incoming semester.

For Inquiries

Interested applicants and Sponsors can send their message at Monster Scholar email,

We believe in the power of education
And we believe that a kind act can make a world of difference in pople's lives

Our Goal

Monster RX93.1 wanted to initiate a program or campaign for its listeners that would benefit them more meaningfully than the usual radio promotions that gave away cash or aspirational prizes, such as cars, gadgets, and vacation trips.
Because of its young target audience, the station has always put a love for education on top of the agenda of issues it wants to set among its listeners. RX conceived Search For The Monster Scholar as a way to help out deserving college students who desperately want to continue their education, but simply can't because of financial need.

Unique Identity

Unlike other scholarship programs, the Monster Scholarship places a premium on – but does not make an exclusive requirement – academic potential as a qualifier, recognizing that many times poor students' grades suffer because of extenuating circumstances, such as family problems or the need to work while studying.
Through the Search lasting more than a month, interested applicants are asked to write the email address to relate their story and to ask for help. Chosen "nominees" after the initial screening of applications are asked to visit the station for an in-depth interview. A capsule production of the interview is aired throughout the period. The station's Board of Judges selects the final scholars based on their academic potential, desire to succeed, and the severity of their need.

Three time winner of Best Radio Public Service Program in Catholic Mass Media Awards, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Beyond helping out deserving students in need, this love of education is exactly what Monster RX93.1 hopes to engender among its youthful audience.

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If you or anyone you know would like to apply, all you have to do is email your appeal/story to to be part of the initial screening.

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